Kh-59MK Airborne Guided Missile



The Kh-59MK airborne enhanced-range air-to-surface guided missile with the ARGS-59E active radar homing head is derived from the Kh-59ME missile with the TV/command guidance system. It is designed for engagement of a wide range of radar-contrast sea surface targets in both fair and adverse weather conditions at Sea States up to 6.
The missile makes part of weapon systems of the Su-30 type aircraft.
The ASK autometed testing system, making part of the OKA system, is modified for testing the Kh-59MK missiles during their scheduled servicing. The SNO-106MA ground support equipment is used for missiles' maintenance in technical positions, their shipping and storage in arsenals and depots, scheduled servicing, testing, and transfer for suspension under carrier aircraft.



Developer and manufacturer: "Raduga" State Machine-Building Design Bureau


 Max launch range, km:
 against destroyer/cruiser-type targets
 against boat-type targets
 Min launch range, km
 Missile launch envelope:
 carrier speed at launch, km/h
 (Mach number)
 600-1,000 (0,5-0,9)
 carrier altitude, km
 Missile flight speed, km/h
 Missile flight altitude, m:
 en route (over sea surface)
 at terminal area
 Missile launch weight, kg
 not exceeding 930
 Warhead type
 Warhead weight, kg
 Missile dimensions, m:
 diameter, main body
 (without engine)/nose section
 wing span