APR-3E - Airborne Antisubmarine Missile



The APR-3E airborne antisubmarine missile is designed to engage modern and prospective submarines in any position (on sea surface, under periscope or submerged down to 800 m) at a cruising speed of up to 80 km/h.
The APR-3E missile is unified for combat use from the Tu-142/II-38 type antisubmarine warfare aircraft and Ka-28 type helicopters, etc. It can be effectively employed over splash-down water areas at least 100-m deep at Sea States up to 6 in all regions of the world ocean.
The APR-3E missile is equipped with a hydroacoustic guidance system using target data classification methods. The missile performs silent target search by scanning underwater space during gravity submersion along a spiral trajectory withoutstarting the engine. The turbo-hydrojet engine is started as soon as the target has been detected and ensures meeting the target within a minimal time (1-2 min) making it virtually impossible for the target to evade or counteract.
Delivery set
The APR-3E delivery set includes:
- one group set (1:10) of spare parts, tools and auxiliaries for preparing the missile employment;
- one group set (1:10) of spare parts, tools and auxiliaries for the missile maintenance and restoration;
- container;
- technical support equipment (the STP-3E testing equipment set);
- operational and maintenance documentation for the missile and its ground support equipment.
At customer's request the supplier can render services on site, setting up the STP-3 test equipment set, performing missile spot checks, providing technical consultations and other technical assistance.



Developer and manufacturer: "Region" State Research and Production Enterprise



 Missile speed, km/h
 Engine endurance, sec
 Target detection radius
 (by the homing system), m
 Warhead weight
 (in TNT equivalent), kg
 Caliber, mm
 Dimensions, m:
 empennage span
 Missile weight, kg
 Propulsion plant type
 composite solid-propellant
 Exploding device
 impact fuse/
 acoustic proximity fuse