Kh-35UE Tactical Guided Missile

Kh-35UE tactical anti-ship guided missile is designed for hitting combat (assault landing) surface ships and cargo ships from the striking force (convoys) and single ships.
Designer and manufacturer:
Tactical Missile Corporation JSC


 Launch ranges, km
 7 to 260
 Missile flight altutude over wave ridge, m
 when cruising
 10 to 15
 at final point
 Flight speed (M number)
 0,8 to 0,85
 Maximum angle of the missile post-launch horizontal turn, degree
 +/- 130
 Aiming system:
 inertial + satellite navigaion +
 active-passive radio homing head
 Maximum range of passive detection and locking with active-passive
 radio homing head, km
 Type of warhead
 penetrating high-explosive fragmentation
 Warhead weight, kg
 Missile start weight, kg.(max.):
 aircraft based
 helicopter based
 ship (coast) based
 Lengthxdiameterxwing span, m:
 aircraft based
 ship (coast) and helicopter based 
 Conditions for launch:
 from aircraft: altitude range km/speed (M)
 from helicopter: altitude range km/speed (M)
 Weather conditions for use
 any conditions at sea roughness up to 6
 surface ships, coast missile stations,
 aircraft, helicopters