Kh-31AD Airborne Guided Missile



Kh-31AD airborne anti-ship guided missile is designed for hitting combat (assault landing) surface ships and cargo ships from the striking force (convoys) and single ships. This particular missile has a warhead power increased to 15% in compare with its prototype Kh-31A. Launch range is increased up to 120-160 km almost in two times.
Developer and manufacture:
Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC
 Maximum launch range
(carrier flight parameters: H=15 km, M=1.5 km), km
 120 to 160
 Launch altitrudes, km
 0,1 to 15
 Launch speeds (M number)
 0,65 to 1,5
 Aiming system
 inertial + active radio homing head
 Active radio homing head angle of sight in vertical plane, degree
 +10 to -20
 Active radio homing head angle of sight in horizontal plane, degree
 up to +/-27
 weight, kg
 Missile start weight (maximum), kg
 Lengthxdiameter, m
 Weather conditions for use
 any conditions at sea roughness
 up to 4-5
 aircrafts Su-30MK (MKI, MKM, MK2),
 Su-35, Mig-29K, Mig-29KUB, Mig-35
 and etc.
 Average number of missile hits required to make enemy's destroyer