Kh-38ME family

                                                  Kh-38ME Family of Air-Launched Short-Range Modular Missiles






Kh-38ME family consists of the following missiles: Kh-38MAE, Kh-38MKE, Kh-38MLE and Kh-38MTE modular aircraft guided missiles designed to shoot down a broad range of armored, reinforced and soft ground targets, sea surface and coastal targets, as well as groups of targets.
The Kh-38ME series is a comprehensive battlefield weapon, also launched from positions in tactical depth.
Modularity brings high combat effectiveness against a variety of targets owing to the use of different payloads and guidance methods:
- Kh-38MAE - inertial + active radar guidance;
- Kh-38MKE - inertial + satellite guidance;
- Kh-38MLE - inertial + semiactive laser guidance;
- Kh-38MTE - inertial + thermal-imaging guidance.
The 250-kg payload (half of the missile total weght) consists of HE-Frag or penetrating warhead in Kh-38MAE, Kh-38MLE and Kh-38MTE, or a cluster warhead in Kh-38MKE.
The two-phase solid-propellant motor allows the missile to attain a speed twice as high as the speed of a sound. Kh-38MEs are carried by both FW and RW aircraft.
Delivery set:

• operational missile;
• missile simulator with weight & dimensions of the real missile;
• operating missile for training;
• inert missile;
• cut-in-halves missile for training;
• missile for training in flight

Delivery set also includes:
• operational documentation set;
• ten-year group set of SPTA;
• single set of SPTA.
Ground operation of missiles is supported by arrangement of “Oka-E-1” air means of destruction.
Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC
 Launch range envelope, km
 3 - 40
 Launch speed envelope, km/h (max Mach number)
 Max missile turn angle,
 in horizontal plane after launch
 (+;-) 80
 Target destruction probability:
 under enemy's attack/without enemy's attack
 Shelf life, years
 Warhead weight, kg
 up to 250
 Fuse type
 contact fuse
 Motor type
 two-phase solid-propellant motor
 Max launch weight, kg
 LengthxDiameterxWing span, m
 aircrafts, helicopters
 Place of missile's location
 release devices such as AKU or APU
 Launch conditions:
 launch range, m
 speed range, m/c
 200-12 000