Kh-59MK2 aircraft guided missile is modification of the X-59MK aircraft missile and designed to engage wide range of stationary ground targets with known location, including those without radar, infrared and optical contrast with respect to the background. Missile incorporates the launch-and-forget principle by means of identification of target terrain. The missile flight mission sets the missile low altitude flight route. The X-59MK2 missile can be operated with illumination intensity of 10-3 to 105 lux, over any terrain and in any season.
The Kh-59MK2 can be operated with illuminating intensity of 10 (3) to 10 (5) lux, over any terrain and in any season.


"Raduga" State Engineering Design Bureau named
after A.Y.Bereznyak JSC


 Launch range, km
 0,2 to 11
 Flight speed, March number
 of carrier when launching
 0,5 to 0,9
 Maximum flight range, km
 Target aspect when launching, degrees
 up to (+;-)45
 Ground flight altitude depending on terrain, m
 50 to 300
 Flight speed, km/h
 900 to 1050
 Control system
 SNAU on base of:
 Mean round deviation from target point, m
 3 to 5
 penetrating or combat
 weight, kg
 Launching weight, kg
 up to 900
 Dimensions, m:
 (0,42 in nose part)