KAB-500S-E Corrected Air Bomb with Satellite Guidance System & High-Explosive Warhead





KAB-500S-E aircraft controlled bomb equipped with satellite guidance system and high explosive warhead belongs to the aircraft high-accuracy weapons and operates by "drop-and-forget" principle and designed to engage stationary ground and sea targets like stores, moored ships by day and night and in any weather conditions.
KAB-500S-E provides engagement of targets with well-known coordinates or if such are able to be known on the aircraft before dropping. This weapon is used as the part of aircraft armarment in the front-line-aviation - fighters, bombers and attack aircrafts such as Su - 24M, Su - 34, Su - 35, Mig - 35 etc.
Particular conditions of its combat use are to be determined by the aircraft flight operation.




Developer and manufacturer:
GNPP "Region"




 Weight, kg (total/explosive)
 Dimensions, m:
 wingspan of stabilizers, m
 Drop altitude, km
 0,5 to 5
 Aircraft drop speed, km/h
 550 to 1100
 Aiming accuracy, m
 7 to 12
 high explosive
 Type of blasting device
 contact with three
 types of delay