SPO-15LM - Aircraft Radar Warning System


The SPO-15LM (article L-006LM) airborne radar warning system is designed to alert the crew that their aircraft/helicopter is being illuminated by radars of enemy air defence missile/artillery systems or fighter aircraft so that appropriate protective measures can be undertaken: evasion of threats' positions or, depending on the task assigned, their approach and engagement.
The SPO-15LM system ensures:
- detection and direction-finding of enemy ground, surface and airborne radars, illuminating the aircraft;
- determination of illuminating radar types and operating modes;
- measurment of illuminating radars signal power and rough assessment of a range to/closing rate with them, as well as determination of approach time to engagement zones of enemy air defence missile and artillery systems or interceptor aircraft;
- identification of the highest priority threat to the aircraft, if illuminated by several radars simultaneously.
The SPO-15LM airborne radar warning system is installed on various Su/MiG/Tu/Yak/Mi-type aircraft and helicopters, as well as on sea vessels (missile boats, and the like).



Delivery set:
- One of connectors for optional cables;
- Single set of spare parts;
- Operational support devices and accessories;
- Operational set of spare parts, tools and accessories;
  (1:10 and 1:30)
- Repair set of spare parts, tools and accessories;
  (1:10 and 1:50)



Manufacturer: Omsk plant "Automatika"



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