AMI-1 - Lighting Equipment Set


The lighting equipment set is designed to upgrade the Mi-type helicopters for the round-the-clock (night) operations with pilot's night vision goggles (NVG) over terrain with different illumination levels in fair and adverse weather conditions.
The AMI-1 set adapts the cockpit and external lighting (navigational lights, rear and outline lights, formation lights, light beacons) to the NVG's operating envelope by eliminating stray radiation in the spectral band from 630 to 900 mm.
The cockpit lights and luminous signal panels with red-spectrum incandescent lamps and light filters are replaced with NVG-compatible semiconductor light sources and filters installed derectly in light guides, panels, units, boards and instruments with built-in illumination.
Red-, yellow- and green-coloured lights in luminous information boards and warning panels are replaced with semiconductor light sources with dominant wavelength in the following spectra:
 - red colour
 - 616 (+;-) 7 nm
 - yellow colour
 - 590 (+;-) 6 nm
 - greed colour
 - 520 (+;-) 20 nm
The semiconductor light sources are powered with the same voltage as the incandescent lamps, and provide smooth brightness adjustment and day/night modes of operation.
Besides, the semiconductor light sources, there are also light filters, made of colour glasses, interference filters or their combinations with the integral transmission factor not exceeding 0,5% in the 630-900-nm spectral band.
Light filters also are used to adapt lighting of the crew and cargo cabins.
The FPP-7/FPP-9 search and landing lights are fitted with removable light filters,  transparent in the NVG operating band, and brightness controls for setting optimal object illumination level.
Delivery set:
The delivery set depends on the helicopter type and can include about 40 various light filters and 30 semiconductor lamps with their installation instructions.





Developer: Azov Optomechanical Plant JSC