UV-30MK - Aerosol/Chaff Dispensing System 


The UV-30MK passive jamming dispenser is designed to protect MiG and Su-type aircraft from guided missiles by jamming their guidance systems and executive mechanisms with passive countermeasures, effective in optical and radar frequency bands.

It can operate in the following combat and support modes: manual, semi-automatic, automatic, standby, boosted, built-in test and simulation.

There can be from 2 to 8 ejection modules, mounted on the carrier.

The dispensing unit can function within the entire range of dynamic loads and climatic conditions, occurring during the carrier's flight.
A loaded dispensing unit can be employed within 30 days without its dismounting, additional checks and adjustments.
The unit is provided with built-in test capability (with malfunctions localized up to a line replaceable unit level), indication of actual number of remaining rounds, speedy ammunition unloading.




Developer and manufacturer: State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Vympel"





 Number of dispensing programmes
 pre-programmed and selected in flight
 up to 99
 Number of round types loaded simultaneously
 Number of dispensing channels
 Total number of 50-mm rounds in the unit, pcs:
  with 2 ejection modules
  with 8 ejection modules
 Total unit weight (unloaded), kg:
  with 2 ejection modules
  with 8 ejection modules