OVN-1 - Skosok Night Vision Goggles




The OVN-1 helicopter pilot's night vision goggles (NVG) are intended for observing objects outside helicopter at low light levels during take-off, nap-of-the earth and low-altitude flying, object search and location, landing onto unlit pads, rescue operations.
The NVG are binoculars, built around two 2nd + plus/3rd_ generation bi-planar image intensifying tubes, featuring a 18-mm photocathode with high spectral sensitivity. The goggles are fitted with the built-in automatic brightness control system, sensitive to external illumination changes.
The OVN-1 night vision goggles are designed for fitting different types of flight crew crash helmets (e.g. ZSh-7B).
Composition of the OVN-1 night vision goggles delivery set depends on a helicopter type.





Designer: Azov Optomechanical Plant JSC





 Field of view, deg.
 Magnification, power
 1 x
 Resolution, milirad
 Diopter adjustment, diopter
 from -4 to + 4
 Interpupillary adjustment, mm
 55,3 - 72,7
 Operating temperature range, C
 from - 40 to + 40
 Power supply, V:
  aircraft electrical system
  autonomous source
 24 - 29
 2,5 - 3,5
 Power consumption, W
 not more than 3
 Time of continuous operation, h
 at least 2
 Weight, kg:
  in work-ready condition
  in case with SPTA
 Max overall dimensions, mm:
  night vision goggles
  night vision goggles in case