AK-0,4-M1 - Ground Air Conditioning Unit


The AK-0,4-M1 ground air conditioning unit is designed to provide normal climatic conditions in cockpits, compartments and cabins of Su/MiG-type combat aircraft and Ka/Mi-type helicopters, as well as to ventilate flying personnel's high-altitude suits on ground when the onboard air-conditioning system is deactivated. The unit can be powered by either its own electric power unit or external power system.
Developer and manufacturer: "Gorizont" JSC
 Air feed rate, kg/h
 75 - 2,500
 Nominal overpressure limits, kg/sq.cm:
  at 750-kg/h air feed rate
  at 2,500-kg/h air feed rate
 Air temperature control limits, C:
  "Cooling" mode
  "Heating" mode
 5 - 15
 up to 90
 Power supply, kW:
  for onboard cooling
  for onboard heating
 up to 50
 up to 90
 Weight, kg
 Chassis type
 KamAZ 53215/
 KamAZ 53213 truck