MA-31 Target-Missile

The MA-31 target missile is intended for imitation of supersonic missiles and employed for testing of anti-aircraft and artillery complexes and mastering the skill of repulsing supersonic missiles by air defence aids. 
The target missile is developed on the basis of the Kh-31A missile. It features low-altitude flight trajectory imitating supersonic anti-ship missiles and high-altitude flight trajectory imitating supersonic anti-radar missiles.
The MA-31 target missile may be employed either from domestic aircraft, equipped with the AKU-58AE launcher, or from foreign carriers after their modification. 
MA-31D is a modified version of the MA-31 target missile, featuring an extended flight range.
The MA-31 target missile was launched from QF-2 aircraft during the tests at Point Mugu (USA). Missile sea-skimming flight with maneuvering was faultless.



 Developer and manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC



 Launch weight, kg
 Launch altitude envelope, m
 Launch speed envelope (Mach number), km/h
 0,65 less than M less than 1,5
 Placement of target-missiles
 airborne launch devices such as AKU-58AE
 Within guaranteed 8 year shelf-time,
 target-missile admits the following storage periods:
  - as delivered without opening, in packed state :
  - in opened (unpacked) state:
  - in opened state and ready for use and laying on a trolley under cover .
8 years
 2 years
 30 days
 Service life limit upon launches & landings from/on concrete runway
 Operational life, hours