DTA-53 Set of Double-Tube Torpedo Tubes   




The DTA-53 set of double-tube torpedo tubes is designed for hitting of surface ships and submarines with anti-ship, anti-submarine and universal torpedoes.
The set of torpedo tubes ensures:
- storage and combat use of torpedoes under any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog), in any time of the day and year, at the outer air temperature from +5 deg. C up to +35 deg. C or -25 deg. C up to +40 deg. C,  under the Sea State up to 5;
-remote (from target-course generation control system) and manual (from main body) data insert in torpedo to fire it;
-remotely single or salvo fire by insert data in target-course generation control system or manual single fire by insert data in main body;
-jettison of torpedoes in emergency;
-Powder firing gear.
Set of torpedo tubes includes:

-double-tube turning torpedoes (two or four);
-set of loading devices for torpedoes’ loading and unloading;

The set of double-tube torpedo tubes can be delivered for export together with Russian ships (projects 11356, 1159TM, 956E, 956EM), as well as separately for use on foreign ships, which meet condition of service and tactical employment.
Delivery is carried out as with and as well as without heating torpedoes’ system.

Developer: Machine-Building Design Bureau
 Torpedo’s bore, mm
 Overall dimensions, mm:
 Weight, kg 
-          With heating torpedoes’ system
-          Without heating torpedoes’ system
 Power consumed during firing by one torpedo
0,65 Kw-27W
 Power consumed by heating torpedoes’ system for one