The enterprises of the corporation offer wide range of airborne weaponry.
The head enterprise of the corporation manufactures high-speed airborne guided missiles such as Kh-31and presented by Kh-31P anti-radiation (Kh-31PK – it’s further updated version) and anti-ship missiles like Kh-31A adapted under different type of carriers (ship, coastal and air), anti-ship guided missiles such as Kh-35E (3M-24E – version to deliver in container).
The enterprise also delivers guided air-to surface missiles, as well as surface-to-air missiles for air-defense systems. Moreover, “State Machine Building Design Bureau “Vympel” company manufacturers: passive jamming ejection units (UV-30MK), airborne launching and ejection units (AKU-170E and more), units of unguided missiles and more.
“State Machine Building Design Bureau “Vympel” by name I.I. Toropov” JSC is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of guided missiles of air-to-air type, specially oriented on use in close-in dogfight such as R-73E(EL) (short-range missile); of middle and large range such as RVV-AE; R-27R1(ER1); R-27P(EP); R-27T1(ET1); R-33E. The enterprise also delivers guided missiles of air-to-surface type and surface-to-air type for air defense systems. Besides, State Machine Building Design Bureau “Vympel” manufactures: UV-30MK passive jamming ejection device,
Nowdays, “Raduga State Machine Building Design Bureau” JSC manufactures guided weaponry of wide range such as Ovod-ME missile system with Kh-59ME missile, Kh-59MK long-range guided missile, and also Kh-58E air-to- radar stations and many others.
One of main activities of Research & Production Enterprise “Region” JSC is manufacture of corrected and guided air bombs (KAB and UAB) with different guidance systems.

The other main activity of the corporation’s enterprises is engineering works for the use of Navy. Today, following below ship missile systems are delivered for the use by Russian Navy ships as well as for the use by ships of foreign states:
- «Moskit-Е» high-speed anti-ship guided missile 3М-80Е (by “Raduga State Machine Building Design Bureau” JSC);
- «Uran-E» with anti-ship missiles 3М-24E (the head enterprise).
The “Bal-E” coastal mobile missile system with anti-ship guided missiles 3M-24E (by “Machine Building Design Bureau” enterprise) have been put through firing and now it is on experimental operation on Navy ships. “Machine Building Design Bureau” enterprise also specializes in development of torpedo weaponry for surface ships, passive jamming devices and many other weaponry.
Research & Production Enterprise “Region” JSC manufactures the following weaponry:
-Shkval-E weapon  system with high speed underwater missile;
-Paket-E/NK small sized antisubmarine system with anti-torpedo has two torpedoes. The small-sized heat-seaking torpedo is designed to engage enemy submarines, and the anti-torpedo is designed to intercept and destroy attackin g torpedoes;
-APR-3E (“Orel-M”) airborne anti-submarine missile, “Zagon-1” anti-submarine corrected air bomb and some other weaponry.
The base of product engineering services covers all product life cycle, starting from design drafting, prototype production, carrying out all types of testing, serial production, repair and coming up to products upgrading; meantime, when product working life over it goes through recycling process services. 
The corporation has the certificate of right to perform foreign trade operations with military-purpose products concerning training of personnel, maintenance and repair of samples previously delivered, as well as delivery of spare parts, training and warlike stores.

Since the first year of its foundation Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC has been developing and manufacturing not merely main products, i.e. tactical missiles and missile systems, but consumer goods and items for various industrial fields as well.
Nowadays Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC, integrating nearly forty leading defense enterprises of Russia, manufactures the following competitive products:
- Aircraft equipment
- Medical equipment
- Fire security systems
- Control equipment
- Devices for the railway transport
- Communication equipment
- Heating equipment
- Electrical instruments
- Complicated electronic and optical systems
- Equipment for the aerospace industry
- Industrial sewing equipment
- Agricultural equipment
- A wide range of consumer products and souvenirs