The Corporation’s strategy is to develop in a dynamic and balanced way in order to supply Russian Ministry of Defense with advanced high-precision weapons and to boost its positions on the global arms market as well as high-technology markets. This helps confirm Russia’s status as part of the world’s elite and powerful states.
The Corporation is tasked with supplying modern air-launched weapons for the 5th generation fighter.
TMC conducts comprehensive work on creating a new generation of high-precision weapons, which will replace the reputable and reliable products according to the State arms program for 2018-2027
The Corporation’s subsidiary enterprises rightfully keep the leading positions in the military-industrial complex due to the fact that they supply the armed forces with modern munitions. Many of them revolutionized the field of guided armament and contributed greatly to the national security. The majority of the enterprises’ products matches the world’s best samples and can even outperform them in certain aspects.
The Corporation’s employees are responsible for developing and producing the following items:
- guided air-to-air missiles;
- guided air-to-surface missiles:
- anti-radiation missiles;
- anti-ship missiles;
- multi-purpose missiles, including modular ones;
- tactical missile systems:
- vehicular systems;
- shipborne systems;
- fixed systems;
- guided bombs, including anti-submarine ones;
- target missiles;
- aviation systems and equipment;
- naval armament and systems:
- torpedo and anti-torpedo weapons;
- mine and mine disposal weapons;
- anti-submarine underwater missiles;
- underwater acoustic warfare assets;
- underwater surveillance and site security systems;
- sea-, ground- and air-based radio electronic data systems and data and control systems;
- coastal radar systems.
The Corporation conducts the whole life cycle of its products, including preparing design documents, creating prototypes, carrying out all types of tests, batch production, repair works, modernization and utilization.
TMC realizes its right to conduct after-sales service and repair works for export products individually including supplying spare parts and munitions made by all enterprises supplying final products.
Since its early years the Corporation’s efforts were not limited to field-specific products, such as guided high-precision weapons and weapon systems. It has designed and produced goods for various industry sectors and civil goods.
Nowadays the Corporation produces competitive goods of the following types:
- aircraft and space equipment;
- electrical goods and instruments;
- medical equipment;
- agricultural equipment;
- fire security systems;
- software;
- equipment for emergency services;
- devices for railway transport;
- mobile systems for radio technical control;
- communications equipment;
- heating equipment;
- other consumer goods, including those made from composites and fiberglass composites.
All civil and dual-use goods are designed by the Corporation’s scientists. It is produced with the use of state-of-the-art military technologies and thoroughly checked and tested after final assembly. Instruments and equipment labeled with Tactical Missiles Corporation logo are used throughout Russia, are supplied to dozens of the world’s countries and work in space.